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PAWS at Port Byron

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What is PAWS?

Practice respect, Accept responsibility, Work honestly and Safety matters (PAWS).

A.A. Gates Elementary School faculty and staff believe that responsible-positive behavior is the foundation of an excellent education.

These ongoing expectations are an effort to reduce disruptive behaviors that make in difficult for all students to learn effectively.

  • Our school community makes a commitment to our students that we will teach, model and expect responsible-positive behaviors throughout the school and school grounds based on our "PAWS Behavior Matrix" (please click here.)
  • We think that all students, staff, and parents should feel safe, comfortable, and respected in our school community.
  • We are all dedicated to providing the most effective learning environment possible and maximizing instructional time for all students.
  • We want our students to learn, be successful, and feel happy while at
  • Our teachers, administrators, and staff will provide positive PAWS reinforcement through individual classroom recognition activities as well as school-wide programs.
  • We also extend these expectations to our parents, and ask for their help in reinforcing and supporting our school-wide expectations at home.

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