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Port Byron CSD students will perform Stage Door 7 p.m. Nov. 3 and 4.

Drama Club to perform 'Stage Door' Nov. 3-4

Members of Port Byron Central School District's Drama Club will present the three-act drama/comedy "Stage Door" this weekend, Nov. 3-4.

Performances will begin at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday in Dana L. West Junior/Senior High School’s auditorium. General admission tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students/senior citizens and can be purchased at the event.

Co-written by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber, Stage Door chronicles the lives of young actresses who are trying to make their way onto a Broadway stage in the 1930s. The aspiring actresses live together in The Footlights Club, a house exclusively for female performers.

The plot focuses on ambitious character Terry Randall, who fights against constant disappointment in order to realize her dream in the theater. While her fellow aspirants give up in despair, get married, or leave the stage in pursuit of fame in the movies, Terry, with the help of idealistic producer David Kingsley, sticks to her guns.

The show explores success, failure, love, friendship, and perseverance, and in the midst of The Great Depression serves as a love letter to the American Dream and the persistence of all starving artists.

The Stage Door cast includes the following Port Byron CSD students:

Olga Brandt --- Chelsea Rooker
Mattie --- Grace Noga
Little Mary --- Emma Redmond
Big Mary --- Grace Smith
Bernice Niemeyer --- Macenzie Reese
Madeleine Vauclain --- Ashley Rooker
Judith Canfield --- Skylar Hosford
Ann Braddock --- Jocelyn LaFrance
Kaye Hamilton --- Natalee Reese
Linda Shaw --- Brianna Coleman
Jean Maitland --- Kiara Barth
Bobby Melrose --- Donna Todd
Louise Mitchell --- Emily Ryan
Susan Paige --- Jocelyn LaFrance
Pat Devine --- Ashley Todd
Kendall Adams --- Delaney Rooker
Terry Randall --- Kasey Cioffa
Tony Gillette --- Natalee Reese
Ellen Fenwick ---  Brianna Coleman
Mrs. Orcutt --- Brianne Harkness
Frank --- Stephen Dahl
Sam Hastings --- Erick McCarty
Jimmy Devereaux --- Ryan Ratliff
Fred Powell --- Ryan Neil
Lou Milhauser ---  Xavier Heath
David Kingsley --- Kenny Sanderson
Keith Burgess --- Collin McLoughlin
Mrs. Shaw --- Delaney Rooker
Dr. Randall --- Ike Svitavsky
Larry Westcott ---- Xavier Heath
Billy --- Jaxson Reese
Adolph Gretzl --- Ryan Ratliff

Technical Crew:
Stage Managers --- Mason Stabinsky, Stephen Dahl
Lights & Sound --- Mitch Hamel, Emily Green, Ben York
Stage Crew --- .Kaylee Schelah, Haley Smith, Braden Jones, Allie Conklin, Veronica Gould, Kelcie Cordway, Connor Lang

Director --- Jeffrey Chaloux
Producer/Costumes --- Stephanie Reese
Technical Director --- Ben Hogan
Production Advisor --- Cheryl Hosford
Technical Advisor --- Pete Svitavsky


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