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Poetry contest recognizes Port Byron students

More than 30 Port Byron Central School District students in grades 3-12 were recently recognized for their poetry-writing skills.

Forty-three students opted to participate in the second annual Fall Poet-Tree Contest, which was open to all Port Byron students and was organized by district librarian, Mrs. Melissa Beyel. Students could write on a topic of their choice using any poetry style.

The winning submissions will be submitted to the Scholastic Publishing Student Poetry Contest.

Grade Level Winners:

this is an image of a student
Evalynn Hayes, grade 3


this is an image of a student
Marlena Nielens, grade 4


Anthony Reagan, grade 5 (not pictured)


this is an image of a student
Erika Seymore, grade 6


this is an image of a student
Isaac Nielens, school winner


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Chad Burnett-Allen,
Leaf Poem Winner


A.A. Gates Elementary Honorable Mention Awards:
Calvin Sager; Emily Gannetti; Jennifer Doak; Emma Rowland; Taranne Gould; Billy Cuddeback; Meggy McNally; Jodie Smith; Alivia Mills; Charles Harding; Margaret Dauenhauer; Matthew Howell; Olivia Taylor; Gabriella Turo; Marcus Janes; Berton Harris; Evan Bergenstock; Jacob Peters; Dylan Clark; Caiden Whitcomb; Madison Sigona; Alex Doerle; Hailey Miles; Alli Dauenhauer; and
Mitchell Martinez.


this is a group photo of students


this is an image of courtney
Courtney Michalski, grade 7


this is an image of alexander
Alexander Rooker, grade 8


this is an image of rachel
Rachel Coleman, grade 9


 this is an image of alexis
Alexis Wilbur, grade 10


this is an image of jordan
Jordon Coughlin, grade 11


this is an image of ernest
Ernest Thompson, grade 12


this is an image of brianne
Brianne Harkness, school winner

Ariana Wiers, school winner (not pictured)


this is an image of jocelyn
Jocelyn La France, district winner

Honorable Mention Awards:

Grace Noga; Alexander Rooker; Bryanna Wilbur; Donna Todd; and Lyla Barrera.