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This is an image of the mock accident scene

Mock auto accident teaches Port Byron students about DWI dangers

Port Byron high school students recently had a front-row glimpse into the life-threatening consequences of drinking and driving.

On May 10, local police and fire departments staged a motor vehicle accident at Dana West Junior/Senior High School to illustrate the impacts drinking and driving can have on friends, families and the community.

"We want to help you make good choices and stay safe," Dana L. West Jr/Sr High School Principal Michael Jorgensen said. "This scenerio might be staged today, but it's a very realistic situation."

The mock accident scene was carried out for students in grades 9-12 in the school's parking lot by Port Byron Fire Department members with assistance from other local first response units and the Cayuga County District Attorney's office.

After students were seated in front of the wreckage, a fleet of emergency responders arrived and took control of the simulated scene by each working within their respective roles. About 10 minutes into the 40-minute simulation, a passing rain storm forced students and staff into the school's auditorium, where event continued with a presentation by Cayuga County Assistant District Attorney Diane Adsit.

ADA Adsit discussed with students the legal implications they could face if they choose to drink and drive. She also warned students about the dangers of texting and driving.

"We have UBER now," she said. "Do yourself a favor and download the UBER app and connect it to your bank account now, so that if you ever find yourself in a situation where you or your driver can't drive, you will have an alternative way of getting home."

Had the rain not abbreviated the simulation, one of the vehicle's drivers would have been taken into police custody after failing a sobriety test. The Jaws of Life - a rescue apparatus used by responders to pry vehicle wreckage apart - would help extricate trapped passengers. One passenger would have been declared dead on arrival, or DOA and hree victims bearing minor injuries would have been treated at the scene.


The images below were captured during the DWI accident simulation on May 10 at Port Byron Central School District.

This is an image of a student getting makeup applied

This is an image of a student having makeup applied

This is an image of students watching the mock accident 

This is an image of a student performing in the mock accident

This is an image of a student in the mock accident

This is an image of a student talking to emergency responders

This is an image of a student performing in the mock accident

This is an image of a student talking to authorities

This is an image of an individual reacting to the mock accident scene

This is another image capturing an individual's reaction to the scene 

This is an image of a presentation screen 

This is an image of ADA Adsitt