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For any questions or concerns please contact:
Corey Rooker
Transportation Supervisor
Phone: 315-776-5728 x1316


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Welcome to Transportation

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The Port Byron School District recognizes the importance of safe and efficient Transportation of students to and from school. In 2013-14, Port Byron buses served approximately 1000 public and private school students, traveling a total of approximately 326,357 miles.

Port Byron buses were dispatched on 14 routes throughout the 75 square mile district and 4 routes to schools outside the district.


Port Byron Central School District's Transportation Guidelines

Port Byron Central School District's Transportation Department recognizes the importance of safe transportation of students to and from school.

To provide a safe and orderly bus environment, students are expected to follow appropriate bus behavior. When problems arise, the transportation staff will inform parents as quickly as possible. Parents are encouraged to review and reinforce appropriate bus behavior with their children.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at 315-776-5728 x1316.

Student Responsibilities

  • Be prepared 10 minutes before normal time; arrive at the bus stop five minutes early.
  • Be respectful of the property of others at the bus stop.
  • Students should be visible as the bus approaches the stop. Wait for the bus away from the road and, before moving towards the bus, wait for it to come to a complete stop.
  • Follow proper crossing and discharge procedures when entering and exiting the bus.
  • After boarding the bus, sit down in the first available seat so the bus can continue safely on its route. Remain seated during the entire ride.
  • Do not throw anything inside or out of the bus.
  • Keep the bus clean.
  • Do not bring articles that create a hazard.
  • Keep the aisle of the bus clear at all times: if you carry a musical instrument or school project, you must make sure it will fit on your lap in the seat with you.
  • Do not distract the bus driver and obey the bus driver's instructions.
  • Use proper conduct; horseplay, foul language and fighting will not be tolerated.
  • Become familiar with all emergency procedures.
  • Report concerns to the bus driver, parent, principal, or teacher.


Helpful information

Parent Safety Alert Flyer

How to Cross Safely

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Neil O'Brien
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